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We give your creativity colour - with ThimmColor®

Packaging has impact!

Packaging generates brand identity and POS impact. However, the marketing of packaging is becoming an increasing challenge due to the competitive environment and market displacement!

High-quality printed packaging ensures repeat recognition within the mass of competitive products, since assumed product quality is often evaluated in relation to packaging quality.

Good creative concepts (high-quality printing, colours and texts) enhance the value of packaging and increase sales and a colourful design arouses the interest of the customer.

Added-value with high-quality ThimmColor® printing

We support you from the initial idea through to the packaging reaching the market! We offer first-class print quality and respond to the increasing quality requirements in the market by using state-of-the-art printing press technologies.

State-of-the-art technology in the print process

Our unique flexo-preprint process complies with the highest requirements. State-of-the-art printing press technologies are used in the printing process including the central cylinder and patented belt printing technology. Packaging can be printed with up to 8 colours (+ varnish) and in a maximum format of 2500 x 4550 mm. This means that internationally we are one of the leading specialists in the flexible printing of paper rolls in preprint.

Flexibility and delivery security

Our printing press network ensures maximum delivery and supply security as well as constant print quality and also for large transnational print projects. We offer you a central preprint with the production of the corrugated cardboard in all decentralised plants with an identical QM standard.

Profitability and planning capacity

We can offer cost-effective production through cost-optimised volumes.
The large print-formats of the belt plants enable a single-part production in the further processing and finishing process. We also avoid waste through precise print lengths when producing the packaging.

Sustainability and innovations

As an independent paper procurer we always make the best possible paper selection for your print products. We drive forward the development of innovative print papers. One example of this is THIMM Impress® with its high degree of whiteness, excellent print and gloss properties in combination with high-gloss varnishes. In addition, a customised paper usage with FSC® certification is also possible as are special papers for fat and water barriers.

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